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Criminal Defense

When charged with any type of crime, the one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is your lawyer’s experience and abilities. WBN invites you to review our attorneys’ profiles, meet with us in person, and then make a decision whether you trust us in facing one of the most challenging events a person can face in dealing with an arrest. You need a lawyer who understands that they are the sole person charged with protecting your rights.

An attorney’s role in the criminal process is to analyze the circumstances of the arrest and to make sure that your constitutional rights have not been violated. They then analyze the evidence presented against you in an objective way to determine the strength of the prosecutor’s case. We then concentrate on the evidence for you and make sure that it is presented in a clear and organized manner that negates the prosecutor’s case. Even if a settlement is not what you are seeking, our office will do everything it can to resolve the matter with the least punishment possible. Many times this can even include an expunged record. If you, the client, decide that a trial is the only means left to clear your name and maintain your innocence, our lawyers have tried over two hundred criminal jury trials. We know what juries and judges want and need to hear.

The only impression that a prosecutor’s office and judge has of you at the outset is the accusation written down and brought before them. You need a lawyer who is capable of relaying a different view of both you and the circumstances of your arrest. Among our attorneys, we have had occasion to defend, prosecute, and judge thousands of criminal cases. These cases include everything between misdemeanor drug charges, DUIs, and murder offenses. There is no case too simple or complex to be handled by WB&N. We treat every criminal case as if it’s the most important case we’ve ever handled because to you, it is.