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Choose a Divorce Lawyer that’s right for you.

Once you begin contemplating a divorce, you quickly realize what all that entails. You come to understand that it affects every aspect of your life. Often this seems overwhelming. Your divorce will affect the time you spend with your children, the financial resources to which you have become accustomed, the home you live in, the property you own, retirement funds, and the savings built over a life together.

The attorney you choose needs to be aggressive but not unreasonable. The attorney needs to give you a realistic and accurate representation of what is to be expected and possible outcomes. The attorney needs to be cognizant of your emotional well-being and that of your children. The attorney needs to have experience in the field with a strong professional reputation who other lawyers know and respect. Ultimately your attorney needs to be someone you trust.

Our attorneys want to exceed your expectations in all of these areas. They have decades of experience handling all the issues common to a divorce, which are currently creating the most stress in your life. The résumés of our attorneys speak for themselves. Beyond that however, they have a true desire to make the process of divorce as stress free and painless as possible while protecting what you hold most dear.

Uncontested Divorce

At times, parties to a divorce are able to agree on all the principle issues they face in the divorce. They have discussed the property they own and the time they wish to share with their children. What they most need is someone to identify any issues that they may have overlooked as well as to educate them as to the specific requirements of the law when it comes to parenting plans and the separation of assets and debt. Attorneys in Tennessee are not allowed to represent both parties in a divorce action. However, it doesn’t mean that the attorney cannot provide information to an opposing party who wishes to represent themselves. Our office will answer questions, prepare the necessary paperwork, and most importantly, make sure that if a court appearance is necessary, the parties know what to expect and can feel assured that any problems encountered will be handled without delay. This is the most inexpensive approach to obtaining a divorce.

Contested Divorce

Obviously, not all cases involve parties that are able to agree on how to resolve their divorce issues. Often, emergency issues arise and cases must be handled on an expedited basis. With increased conflict comes increased stress. You need an attorney who is comfortable with the court system and has confidence in their abilities to resolve these issues. You also need an attorney who understands the financial constraints that divorcing parties always suffer. An attorney who has unrealistic goals or is unaccustomed to handling parties who have lost their ability to reasonably communicate invariably drives litigation cost needlessly higher. Contested cases demand attorneys that can assist their clients to negotiate if possible or otherwise deftly maneuver through the legal process.

Complex Divorce

Some cases by their very nature involve issues that add a whole new set of problems in resolving or litigating a divorce. Business ownership, royalty revenue, hidden assets, pension plans, addiction or mental health issues, and domestic abuse, just to name a few, all pose significant difficulties to the divorcing parties. Your attorney must be able to access C.P.A.’s, forensic business evaluators, parenting evaluators, and mental health professionals. Just as importantly, they must be able to decipher and use the data collected effectively. There are few fact scenarios that our attorneys have not argued, mediated, or judged as part of their careers.

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