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Big Changes For Parents Rights In Tennessee


familylawIn January 2015, the Tennessee Supreme Court, in In re Kaliyah S., held that the Department of Children’s Services is not required to prove that it made reasonable efforts to reunite the parent with the child as a precondition to termination of parental rights. Instead, the state’s highest court held that, in a termination proceeding, the extent of the efforts made by the state is weighed in the court’s analysis of whether termination is in the child’s best interest. You can read the full appeals document here.

This ruling will seemingly make it easier for a parent’s rights to be terminated.  It takes one vital step in the termination process completely out of the picture.  The Department of Children’s Services now has one less hurdle to overcome in an action for termination.  Now, more than ever, parents facing losing their rights to their children need to have competent, experienced attorneys.

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