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Mediation Services

Court is Scary, Choosing a Mediator Shouldn't Be.


Civil Mediation

Mediation has gained remarkable popularity over the past decade as a means of resolving all types of cases that would traditionally be resolved by a judge or jury. This includes divorce and post-divorce issues. Tennessee requires mediation to be attempted prior to litigation in court. During mediation, the parties are brought together before specially trained mediators in the hopes of finding common ground and ultimately resolving their issues. If the parties are unable to agree, neither party is bound by any offers and the mediation process is kept strictly confidential. Often mediation means a smoother, more cooperative negotiation process and saves the parties money by avoiding extensive court proceedings. Our attorneys/mediators will devote as much time as necessary to facilitate a fair compromise that all parties are comfortable in accepting.

When choosing a mediator, you want to have confidence that the mediator knows the applicable law. You want a mediator that has real life experience in crafting agreements that are workable and acceptable by the courts. You want a mediator that is a problem solver and isn’t afraid of thinking “outside the box”. You want a mediator that is free of any bias and is willing to listen carefully to each side’s respective position.

If you are currently represented by counsel, ask your attorney when the timing is right to try mediation, and ask for their feedback as to the reputation of this firm. We are confident that it will be very positive. If you are not represented by counsel, mediation can be a very effective tool to proceed through a divorce in a reasonable and logical way. Sometimes the only option is to have a judge, who is a stranger to your situation, ultimately decide your case. However, especially in family law matters, no one knows your circumstances, finances, and children the way you do. You’ve made decisions with regard to these matters during the entire course of your marriage. Is it really in everyone’s best interest to allow a complete stranger to now make these important decisions for you?