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Wills & Probate


Wills and Probate

Generally, thinking about one’s own death is not at the top of anyone’s priority list. Unfortunately, however, the lack of a will can cause significant family discord. You worked hard your entire life to accumulate the possessions and savings you now have. You want to be able to direct who receives what. Our attorneys can help. By drafting an organized plain language document that satisfies state law, no one has to guess what your final intentions were. Making a will gives you the peace of mind that the memories you leave behind will not be clouded by family disagreements.

Our attorneys can also assist in probating the estate of a deceased loved one. If you are an executor and have the responsibilities of inventorying the property, having it appraised, paying debts and taxes, and dividing the property according to the wills’ provisions, we are ready to help. If you are the holder of a will and believe that it is valid, contrary to other family members’ claims, we are ready to help. If you are a potential beneficiary of a will, but you do not believe the executor is doing the job they are required to under the will, we are ready to help. If you believe that a deceased’s final desires are not being carried out or are being ignored, we are ready to help.